Text on mbl-j23

オリムピック 四景"
パリゼット 二十場"
歌劇 牡丹書譜
舞踊 蚊供養

"The Takarazuka Girls Review by Snow troupe, July performance"
"Open Everyday 1:00pm, Sunday 11:00am&5:00pm"
Review Show "OLYMPIC" 4 Scenes
Grand Review "Parisette" 20 Scenes
Opera "Botan Shofu"
Dance "Ka-Kuyou"
Takarazuka Grand Theater
Seat ticket 20 sen

Since Takarazuka Girls Review is a popular theater company in Japan,
the Wikipedia lists their past performances, and the combination of "July"
and these programs and "Snow troupe" can identify the age. That is 1932.

SO this was from 1932 Los Angeles.

"Botan Shofu" means "Peony books"
"Ka-Kuyou" means "Serve mosquitoes"
Takarazuka city in Hyogo prefecture
Sen = 1/100 Yen