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Embossed postcard with train image - 20th Century Limited

2¢ LOCOMOTIVE COIL Reissue - March 6, 1987

Sc. 2226 - issued 3/6/87

In 1987 the USPS released this re-engraved version of the 2-cent Locomotives coil - Can you tell how this stamp differs from Scott 1897A?

This text from the Fleetwood FDC for this stamp does an excellent job of explaining the significance of the design:

The reason for the reissue was simple enough - the USPS did not want to replace the design, but had exhausted its supplies of the original version, and the Cottrell press on which it had been printed had been retired from service. A new die and plates had to be produced so the stamp could be printed on the "B" press, which required a narrower design. The numeral and lettering were updated to conform to the latest USPS standards.

Below are two of my favorite FDCs for this issue.

I like that both include copies of both the old and new versions of the stamp.

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