As I mention elsewhere, Dickson's of Atlanta published a version of this alphabet that focuses on the 26 artist images and brief definitions of the topics.
You might be able to find a copy through Amazon or Bookfinder. Here are some scans to whet your appetite.

Here's what you get, this intriguing box,
about 9-1/2" x 13" x 2".

Opened, it looks like this.

In a large glassine envelope fastened into the lid is this great sheet of all the stamp images.

And in the cute little boxes nested next to the book are some tools of the trade - tongs, hinges, a magnifier, and some tiny glassines.

Pull out the book and open it to find that with the text for each letter is another fabulous super-high quality reproduction of its image.

Here's a better look at that sheet of stamps.
(Click for enlargement)

And here are a few examples of the individual stamps inside the book - yes, the Bisect stamp is perforated down the middle!

Finally, this was the invitation to the party at which the book was announced, here in SF in September, 1999. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, since I was in Ukraine with my father.


All Letter images Copyright © 1997, 2000, SF chapter of AIGA
All text Copyright © 2000, William M. Senkus

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